Care tips for cotton graphic t-shirts

We all are crazy about graphic t- shirts, but with cotton graphic t-shirts we need little caution. As cotton is prone to shrinking, especially during the first wash, which is one of its drawbacks. Few things are more inconvenient than having clothing that is too small before you got to wear them. Let’s find out quick care tips for cotton graphic t-shirts so you can enjoy them for a longer time.

  1. Before putting your clothes in the washing machine, turn them inside out

When tumbling in the washer or dryer, the printed ink rubs against less material when the garment is turned inside out. This simple step can significantly extend the life of a printed t-shirt. This technique will provide more "protection" and less direct contact between the shirt prints and other garments and t-shirts. This simple step is quick and easy, and it will make printed t-shirts last longer.

  1. Use cold water to wash your t-shirts

When washing t-shirts, cold water is always preferable to hot or warm water. Use cold or low-temperature wash settings. It's also a good idea to keep darks and colored shirts separate from whites–just in case! In most cases, there is no need to wash your t-shirts in hot water; cold water will suffice.

  1. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals bleach

 Make use of a gentle laundry detergent for that the regular detergent will suffice.

Just clean your t-shirt properly that would be fine. The use of bleach or strong detergents such as softeners may cause damage to heat transfer printed vinyl prints on a shirt. Choose a gentler detergent that will not harm your printed t-shirts.

  1. Avoid ironing T-shirt pants

 T-shirt prints should never be ironed directly. If you must iron, lower the iron's temperature settings, turn the t-shirt inside out, and iron. But lastly we would say that heat will do more damage if ironing took more time, the prints will come out.

  1. Avoid using dryers at all costs

Dryers are great because they save us time, but they are especially bad for t-shirts and their prints. Heat is always bad for prints, as mentioned throughout this post! They shrink garments and t-shirts (particularly cotton t-shirts) and damage t-shirt prints, causing them to crack or peel. The best method is to hang dry your clothes the old-fashioned way.

  1. Wash similar garments together

As an example, wash white shirts separately and do not mix them with other colored shirts.

Washing printed t-shirts with jeans or other harsher fabrics are not recommended. When rubbing with softer fabric or prints during washing, harsher fabrics, such as denim, may cause prints to peel.

 Therefore if you want your cotton graphic t-shirts to last long enough for you to try various style statements. These are the few care tips you must ensure for the life of your graphic t-shirts. We at truely made offers stylish solutions with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, couple t-shirts, and customized theme designs.

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